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Microsoft Word is a document that does not require any internet connection. If you have attempted to convert your word files to HTLM documents, you are aware that the built-in tools of Microsoft Word can have terrible results – uncovered personal details, proprietary markup, and bloated files are amongst the factors you will obtain with the “Convert to HTML” function of Microsoft Word. But, if Microsoft Word isn’t effective as you prefer, then you need to consider converting your word document to a web page. Whether you would want to convert a couple of word files or a number of them, it is just plain easy. All you need to do is upload your word document and simply click the convert button. The service is absolutely for free.


Benefits of Converting Word Files to Web Pages


• Website Integration – once you convert a word document to a web page, you can freely present that page as a component of a major website. Hence, visitors of the website may not even recognize that the content is originated as a word document since it emerges as an ordinary component of your website.
• Document Sharing – the authored content of the converted file from word to web page can easily be shared with other people who have no installed Microsoft Word or those who are making use of a restricted network access that can’t support downloading or opening Microsoft Word files to their web browser.
• Work Offline – by making use of Microsoft Word in order to make a web page, you can be able to work on your content even without an internet access.
• Single-source Content – you can make use of one file for a variety of purposes, rather than creating a version in Microsoft Word and another for your HTML company.
• Faster Creation – you can convert essential documents of your Microsoft Word – for instance, status reports or white papers – into web pages directly without the need to particularly format them as an individual web page for utilization on the internet.
• Filled with Feature Set – Microsoft Word offers more word-processing elements compared to provided creation tools of web page alone in Office SharePoint Server.
• Familiar Authoring Environment – Microsoft Word is a comfortable and familiar environment to author your content. You do not need to learn the aspects of HTML or make use of the creation tools of the web page in Office SharePoint Server.